Thursday, 18 January 2007

5 books

A quick listing of some recommended reading...

The UK edition of Steve Aylett's Lint isn't due until March 2007, but readers who are already familiar with Aylett's investigative biography of cult figure Jeff Lint can wallow in And Your Point Is?, a collection of wry and livewire criticism of "scorn and meaning in Lint's fiction". Another generous helping of Aylett is served up by Fain The Sorcerer, a short novel introduced by Alan Moore, delivering an accurate summary of the attributes and literary appeal of Aylett's work. He's an author who's not afraid of interviewing himself. Find out more about the staggeringly talented young Mr Aylett by visiting

A second genre writer with two books out now is notable SF author Rudy Rucker. He's another personal favourite... Mathematicians In Love (Tor) throws together romance and science with surprising results, while Mad Professor (Thunder's Mouth) is another fabulously rich collection of Rucker's short fiction. There's more info at

Finally, there's John Gribbin's The Universe: A Biography (Penguin/ Allen Lane), a pop science book tackling its subject in a highly intriguing manner.

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