Sunday, 1 December 2013

Clockwork Angels

Clockwork Angels tour

Coming after the long-awaited superb remix version of their Vapour Trails album, this movie (directed by Dale Heslip) of the band’s concert in Dallas, begins with a rare soundcheck recording as Rush amble through Limelight, amidst more candid back- and off- stage scenes than we have seen before. I have collected/ watched all of their videos/ DVDs, and this region-free blu-ray release is, arguably, their greatest filmed live show, to date.

There’s certainly a richer sound-scape, courtesy of the rocking string section, staying aboard briefly - following all the newer material from Rush’s concept album Clockwork Angels (the explosive climax to Carnies looks and sounds great) - for voyages into Rush’s past, for classic tracks like Dreamline, but the violins and cellos are most effective on instrumental YYZ.

Neil Peart plays three virtuoso drum solos, each with its own distinctive rhythms and vibes, while Alex Lifeson performs excellent lead guitar sequences (his Peke’s Repose intro to Halo Effect is wonderful), that are almost as off the leash as his zaniac™ (patent pending) sense of humour. 

This is yet another celebration of their illustrious career, and Rush continue to create a world-class brand of engagingly mature and highly sophisticated rock music that is second to none.