Thursday, 4 October 2012


Just received copies of two magazine issues…

Black Static #30 (TTA Press) includes my ‘Blood Spectrum’ column of DVD & blu-ray reviews, this time sprawling over 12 pages due to the booklet style format. Here’s a listing of the movie coverage with rating scores:

            Phenomenal inactivity
Amityville Haunting (1/10)
Paranormal Incident (1/10)

            Dead reckonings 
Zombie 108 (1/10)
Remains (3/10)
Extinction: The G.M.O. Chronicles (3/10)
[REC] 3: Genesis (6/10)

            Snowy summer
Snow White: A Tale Of Terror (5/10)
Snow White: The Fairest Of Them All (4/10)
Sydney White (4/10)
Grimm’s Snow White (3/10)
Mirror, Mirror (8/10)

Blood Car (5/10)
Orlando (7/10)
The Reverend (2/10)
The Victim (3/10)
Elfie Hopkins (2/10)
Gone (4/10)
Livid (8/10)
The Aggression Scale (3/10)
Dark Mirror (3/10)
The Hunger Games (5/10)
Curse (2/10)

            Decay products: round-up
The Devil In Me (2/10)
Axed (1/10)
Creature (1/10)
The Fields (2/10)
Truth Or Dare (2/10)
Piranha 3DD (3/10)
The Raid (5/10)  

Latest news is that Black Static has won this year's BFS award for 'best magazine'.

Also switching to the new smaller format (which boasts a laminated cover, more pages, and a spine), Interzone #242 has my ‘Laser Fodder’ column of movie & TV reviews, and this issue’s line-up features –

            Nazi stomp
The 25th Reich (4/10)
Bloodstorm (2/10)
Outpost II: Black Sun (5/10)

Planzet (3/10)
Starship Troopers: Invasion (5/10)

Ao - The Last Hunter (3/10)
Battleship (5/10)
Lockout (4/10)
Alphas - series 1 (5/10)
Wrath Of The Titans (6/10)  

Both titles have the advert for my movie book about Ang Lee's HULK, available to buy from publisher Telos, here.