Friday, 5 October 2007

Black Static

The first issue of horror magazine Black Static: Transmissions From Beyond (Sept. 2007) is out now. Technically, this isn't a brand new publication, it's a re-titling of TTA Press' genre quarterly The 3rd Alternative, which stopped appearing a couple of years ago. The design work is not unlike that of its sister mag Interzone, but the unusual cover artwork (readers can no doubt amuse themselves wondering if the giant-size fly actually means anything!) fronts a strictly black & white interior.

Black Static includes my new column 'Blood Spectrum', which has DVD reviews of The Return, Dark Corners, Karla, The Thirst, Dead And Deader, Dark Water, 28 Weeks Later, and The Butcher.

Elsewhere, in the online world, I started playing chess on the FaceBook site.