FAX 21

FAX 21 [#7]

A Quarterly Digest of News Reports from the Future 

Summer 2043

Gary Bayley, Kevin Cullen, Andrew Darlington, Kerry Earl, Michael Hamilton, Mimi Hendrix, Rhys Hughes, Alan Hunter, Alan Kitch, James A. Lee, Alan K. Lipton, Jim McLennan, Carl Meewezen, Marcel Ruijters, Peter Schilling, Roberto Schima, Steve Sneyd.

Centaur day at the races, time travel tragedy, US refugees in Cuba, Elvis diaries, auto-hospital horror, flying pub, Luddities strike USSA, Robin Hood was Martian claim, Mexican blitzkrieg, 3-D Musketeers, killer poet, new Macbeth staged, psychic volleyball, celebrity obits: ex-PM Angus Deayton, and Madonna.

"The science fiction magazine that's ahead of its time!"

UK only - £3.00

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