Saturday, 30 December 2006

Kodak Z650

I bought a digital camera for the New Year.... Kodak Z650 from ‘EasyShare’ range, though I decided against getting a printer dock for it.

Now I'm wading through the user’s guide and learning about secure digital (SD) memory cards for picture storage, and installing software on my PC ready for loading the first batch of weekend photos to image editors on the desktop.

The palm-sized camera handles well, and initial test results (although, as yet, unprinted) are impressive. Hopefully, 6.1 mega-pixels will produce more than snapshot-quality photos, and some worth framing.

My only real concern about this new gadget is the apparent lack of ‘image stabilisation’ feature, which some online reports said causes problems at extreme telephoto. That aside, I'm quite pleased with this purchase, so far.

I will post a few (low-res) samples of early work, sometime next week…

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