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From the maker of dystopian sci-fi/ fantasy Gene Generation (a comic–book actioner with DNA hackers hunted by Ling Bai’s assassin) - which made little sense plot–wise but looked amazingly like Brazil meets The Crow - here’s a quirky horror, titled NECROMENTIA (2009). Director Pearry Teo is the 'bizarro' Clive Barker, and this movie's images of suicidal delirium are clearly inspired (although, perhaps, too closely) by Hellraiser studies.

Hagen loved Elizabeth so much that he keeps her corpse clean for some fiddling, which occurs off–screen. Travis has acquired a map to gates of hell, but needs a ‘key’ to jump the sanity barrier. Demonic grotesques wait to ambush the unwary trespassers but, first, we get snippets of a labyrinthine back-story. A torture–slab panic–attack is actually the volunteer masochist paying for her pain. The ‘drug’ of some obscurity promises lunacy with benefits. Yes, there is a necromancy book, of course. Grungy set designs with corrosive lighting makes everything appear diseased - especially the Ouija board of tattooed flesh.

As in Teo’s earlier feature, screen narrative is essentially a slapdash affair here, and any clarifying dialogue is hardly significant beneath shockwaves of visual imagination. If the producers are still searching for the director to remake Hellraiser (or anything else, really!), a great stylist like Teo should be top of the shortlist.   

This review was published in Black Static #13 (October 2009).

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