Friday, 23 January 2015


The new issue of Black Static (#44) includes my 'Blood Spectrum' column of movie & TV reviews. Here's the line-up with ratings:

The Girl Who Knew Too Much (4/10)
Nekromantik (5/10)
Sin City: A Dame To Kill For (7/10) 
Deliver Us From Evil (6/10)
Dead Snow 2: Red Vs. Dead (6/10)
Ragnarok: The Viking Apocalypse (5/10)

    TV 21: State of the Art
Vikings - season 2 (5/10)
True Blood - season 7 (6/10)
The Strain - season 1 (7/10)

    Barmy Surplus: round-up
The Rover
Ganja & Hess

Arriving on the same day, Interzone #256 has my regular column, 'Laser Fodder', of DVD & blu-ray reviews, including:

X-Men: Days Of Future Past (7/10)
Out Of This World: Little Lost Robot (5/10)
Spirited Away (3/10)
The Congress (8/10)
Patema Inverted (6/10)
Left Behind (4/10)
Before I Go To Sleep (5/10)
The Giver (6/10)
Beyond (2/10)
Ejecta (1/10)

Pleased to note how my rambling editorial rant about spoiler-mania chimes in - well, sort of, anyway! - with Jonathan McCalmont's excellent 'Future Interrupted' column of telling comments about the Allure of Ambiguity. Whether considering books or movies, it seems we're both thinking about the importance of interpretations.

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