Thursday, 24 July 2014


An update on my collection of diecast model helicopters...

Bought an Agusta NH-500E, a licence-built Italian version of the MD-500E (above). This completes my set of the 500 series, as I have already got several Hughes 369 and 500C or D models. This one has the pointed nose, along with the usual 5-blade main rotors and T-shaped tail fin. The model is by New Ray at 1:32 scale.

Also got an Agusta Westland AW-109S Grand, in Ferrari livery (below), another New Ray model, but this one is a larger helicopter so it's at 1:43 scale.

The Grand is a stretched version of the AW-109 Power (Hirundo), pictured below.

I got this model last year. It's in Italian police colours, and was imported from Italy. It's another New Ray model at 1:43. You can see an AW-109 helicopter in Avengers Assemble, where it's the SHIELD transport in the movie's crash sequence.

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