Friday, 1 November 2013


Weng's Chop #4
Weird genre movies zine Weng's Chop #4 includes my comments on the best of Lucio Fulci, in a 'geek round-table' feature about House By The Cemetery... 

WC4 boasts an impressive and eclectic range of content, with articles on Larry Cohen, SyFy movies, Sonny Chiba, interviews with the likes of Tim Doyle (who did the cover artwork), a section of columns featuring writing by Steve Bissette, and many pages of reviews - covering at least 50 films you have never seen, and probably a dozen or more that you've never heard of before!  

Order this issue from: CreateSpace.There's also a choice of covers available. Just search the site for Weng's Chop to see art options.

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