Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Got my new PC working fine, so far... but yesterday was an epic migraine by teatime.
New PC hardware

Windows 7 home premium (x64-bit system)
Bemused to note: a 32-bit system is called x86, but a 64-bit is x64. Such clever confusion! 

Intel i3 CPU @ 3.3GHz  
1 TB hard drive
Blu-ray player + DVD RW

Everything runs through the HDMI cable from 1Gb NVIDIA graphics card to a new  Samsung 21.5 inch widescreen (1920 x 1080 p) monitor.

I'm still using M$ Office 2003 Pro.
All of my usual and old-favoutite software (like Paint Shop Pro 5) from previous desktop (Win XP) has installed without any problems.

The only thing I found was incompatible with x64 was a Casper 5 back-up maker, but I don't think it's necessary on this machine.

Anyway, this is very fast indeed, compared to the old XP desktop or my Vista laptop. If only my slow broadband connection had the speed to match this machine, I'd probably be doing the happy dance.

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