Thursday, 25 December 2008

S&A Live

If (like me) you've been to Rush gigs, seen the videos, got all their albums, and know the band's songs backwards, then watching Snakes & Arrows Live - on blu-ray or DVD, might feel a bit like having some old pals around for the afternoon. Filmed over two nights in Rotterdam, this epic concert movie features more than 30 tracks, and runs for over three hours, plus bonus material (such as Geddy playing the fool as Harry Satchel). Many older groups with a similar 30+ year career and loyal international following, have been called rock dinosaurs, but Rush are giants in the arena, with legendary musicianship, and this is certainly their best-filmed gig, to date (especially on the 1080i hi-def blu-ray format disc). Strongly recommended to all fans of hard rock, whether you like chicken, or not!

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