Friday, 21 September 2007

Laser fodder

Issue #212 (Sept - Oct 2007) of Interzone has my second column of DVD reviews for the magazine, and covers The Last Winter, Hercules, Kraken, Kaw, Ergo Proxy, Space 1999, Frankensteins Bloody Nightmare, and Star Trek Voyager.

The striking cover artwork (by Osvaldo Gonzalez,, and the recently re-designed masthead, looks much better than the front covers of previous issues (which suffered from the clutter of blocky texts of big-name contributors, obscuring high quality images), this properly displays suitably impressive artwork with an unobtrusive column of credits, and marks a significant improvement in the magazine's design. Less is more!

Still waiting for the appearance of T3A's new horror magazine, Black Static, which has been delayed this month by print errors.

Meanwhile, dithering online, I'm playing 9 games of scrabble on FaceBook!

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