Wednesday, 8 November 2006

Crime lab

This week, I'm watching the 5th season (DVD boxset) of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and it occurs to me (not for first time), how much this crime drama owes to familiar horror-genre conventions, especially in the TV show's various Las Vegas 'serial killer' storylines.

The presence of William Petersen, from Manhunter, cements that particular linkage, of course, but with the frequent nightshift settings (though crime-lab staff changes mean there are more daylight scenes in CSI season 5), I'm sure that CSI would often 'feel' like a horror show, anyway, without him.

I've also seen the 1st season of CSI: Miami and a sample episode (free disc with CSI #5 boxset) of CSI: NY, but I don't think either of these TV spinoffs have the same impact or quirkiness of the original show, which is more effective in its dramatic understatements than a lot of cinema's overblown gore-fests... just compare CSI episode Big Middle (partly about obesity) to something like the disappointing Feed.

British actress Louise Lombard (remember her from the shortlived Bodyguards series?) is a weclome addition to the regular cast of CSI.

Any other fans of CSI out there?

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