Wednesday, 18 October 2006

10 Brit horrors

Top 10 British horror films of the 1980s

The Shining
- Kubrick's adaptation of King's novel is one of the great chillers with a brilliant Jack Nicholson performance

American Werewolf In London
- exceptional transformation effects that still look amazing today

- stuff of nightmares, and I don't think Clive Barker ever made a better film

The Sender
- a cult favourite psychic mystery-thriller

- surreal and uncanny, with good performances from the kids

- Tobe Hopper destroys vampire-plagued London in fantastically gruesome style

Company Of Wolves
- weird and wonderful dark-fantasy interpretation of Little Red Riding Hood

The Monster Club
- comedy horror anthology full of bizarre mutant night creatures and bad rock music

- low budget sci-fi shocker with a grisly birth scene

- Richard Franklin's mad monkey thriller rewards repeat viewing

Also worth a mention...
Rawhead Rex
The Bride
Lair Of The White Worm


Chris said...

Lifeforce - a top ten shocker? Surely shome mishtake, Tony?

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Hey I love Lifeforce !!! :)