Wednesday, 24 May 2006

Flatscreen upgrade

Catching up with the backlog while keeping up with the new stuff is order of the week.

Got my new computer delivered and set-up without major problems, though it was a day's headache to import files and transfer contacts data from the dinosaur machine onto this PC. Happily, the faster processor (Athlon 64 bit 3500+ on Windoze XP) on this system makes home-computing a pleasure, again! 'New toy syndrome' is unavoidable, and I look forward to copying DVDs, and getting website updates completed in something more like real-time, instead of having to wait endless minutes just to open Word documents as was routine failing of my previous desktop.

Got the fireplace knocked out, and bricked up, and then started re-decorating the front room. Still hunting for replacement furniture, so touring local suite shops in Newport, tomorrow.

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