Premonitions magazine anthology

Causes For Alarm

Fiction by: Matt Bright, Andrew Darlington, Waldo Gemio, Peter Hagelslag, David Howard, Patrick Hudson, William Jackson, Sue Lange, David McGillveray, Matthew Pendleton, Steven Pirie, Cyril Simsa, Jim Steel, Julie Travis, Fred Walker

Poetry from: Cardinal Cox, J.C. Hartley, John Hayes, Steve Sneyd, J.P.V. Stewart

Cover artists: Chris Moore, Caroline O’Neal

Format: 160 pages, A5 paperback, with nearly 57,000 words of brilliant writing.

“its idiosyncratic tales of terror tap into the fears, anxieties and uncertainties of the current zeitgeist” - Interzone

UK only - £5.95

Overseas - £10.00 

Different Eerie Warnings

Fiction by: K. Bannerman, John Paul Catton, Stepan Chapman, Tim Clare, Hugh Cook, Andrew Darlington, Phil Emery, Chad Hensley, David Hudson, Antony Mann, Mark Mellon, Debbie Moon, David Rawson

Poetry from: K.V. Bailey, Larry Blazek, Ed Blundell, Cathy Buburuz, Steven Hampton, John Francis Haines, J.C. Hartley, Lilith Lorraine, Claire Marshall, Wade Robertson, Steve Sneyd, J.P.V. Stewart, Don Webb

Artists: Cathy Buburuz, Frank Forte, Roderick Gladwish, Robert Halstead, Roberto Schima, Teresa Tunaley

60 x A4 pages, nearly 42,000 words of 1st class works.

“an explosion of nightmarish futures... disturbing presents... and wonders” - WoW

UK only - £4.50

Overseas - £7.00 


Fiction by: Neal Asher, Raymond K. Avery, Cliff Burns, Andrew Darlington, Valery Gallego, Geoff Jackson, Shaun Jeffrey, Michael F. Korn, D.F. Lewis, Anthony North, Amy Wolf

Poetry from: Bruce Boston, Andrew Darlington, Wayne Edwards, John Francis Haines, Scott C. Holstad, Ann Keith, William P. Robertson, Steve Sneyd

Artists: Porl Broome, Kerry Earl, Dallas Goffin, Alan Hunter, Jakob Klememcic, Steve Lines

64 x A5 pages of illustrated fiction and verse.

UK only - £2.50